Updating Your Cover Page Library

Sales quote cover pages provide an elegant introduction or high impact opening to your sales pitch. Cover pages are optional, but when used well, will strengthen your brand impact or personalise your quote to make your customer feel special.

To manage the available cover pages that can be used in a sales quote, go to the User Dashboard, click the Content Libraries menu and select Cover Pages.

QuoteCloud displays the cover pages available. You can add new cover pages and delete them as necessary.

To upload a new cover page image click the Upload button and choose an image on your local machine. When you first upload an image QuoteCloud will warn you if the image is too small, it must be a minimum of 793px wide and the height bigger than 1122px (ie suitable for A4 page size).

You will then be given the option to crop your image.

Drag the highlighted rectangle around the image to select the area to use for your cover page.  You can increase or decrease the selection area width and height by clicking on the anchor points and dragging left or right to reduce or increase the selected area.

You will note that you cannot change the overall shape of this block, this is on purpose to ensure your cover page will be correct for an A4 page.

Once your happy click Save and the crop will take place, your new image will now display in the list of available cover pages.

You can also delete cover pages. Simply click on the X button on the top corner.

QuoteCloud also provides you an option to display and hide cover pages on your sales quotes.

Navigate to Configuration menu and select Edit Styles option. Go to the Cover Page tab.

Here you can choose to hide or show your cover pages title, subtitles, sender and recipient details. You can also make the content box transparent, allowing you to really style the area behind the text block as part of the background image.

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