Filtering Sales Quotes On The User Dashboard

Another useful feature that you will find in the QuoteCloud dashboard is sales quote filtering. There are various types of filters available on the dashboard.

Filter Sales Quotes by Status

Using this filter you are able to view a list of sales quotes matching only the status or statuses selected. For example, you could click  CREATING filter to see only those sales quotes, or you could click several statuses togehter and see all those sales quotes combined. Clicking the status again will "unselect" it from the filter view. Having all the status boxs selected or unselected is considered the same, the dashboard will show all proposals in both cases.

Adjust paging

Using this filter you can set the number of sales quotes displayed per page on the dashboard:

Filter sales quotes based on a date period

You can also view a list of sales quotes created between a certain date range, click the Proposals between date range field and in the pop-up set the start and end dates you are interested in:

Show / Hide columns in the dashboard

You can show or hide columns on the dashboad too, click the Visible Columns button and a list of all columns available will be displayed. As you select or deselect them they are dynamically added or removed from the dashboard view:

Filter by value in one or more columns

When you click on the Filter button, on the right side of the dashboard page, you will see the filter fields underneath each column heading. Now, you can filter your sales quotes by entering text into a filter field and the appropriate matches will then be automatically displayed.

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