Sales quotes made easy!

Sales Quotes + Sales Proposals + Contracts  


  • Instant set-up 
  • Simply create your first sales quote, save as a template and use your template to make more sales quotes even faster!
  • Built-in e-signature, payments and workflow control
  • Your sales quotes are safely stored encrypted in your private cloud storage

Sales quotes made easy!

Sales Quotes + Sales Proposals + Contracts


  • Instant set-up 
  • Simply create your first sales quote, save as a template and use your template to make more sales quotes even faster!
  • Built-in e-signature, payments and workflow control
  • Your sales quotes are safely stored encrypted in your private cloud storage

1,000's of people
make sales quotes with QuoteCloud everyday.

Create quotes fast, win more deals

QuoteCloud will make a huge difference to your sales performance:

  • speed up time to create & send sales quotes
  • increase your sales conversion
  • know when your customers are reading your sales quotes
  • live chat with clients while they read your sales quote
  • automate sales forecasting
  • give customers an easy method to e-sign sales quotes
  • take credit card payments when customers approve your sales quotes
  • integrate to your CRM and Accounting packages
  • keep a version history of sales quotes sent to a client
  • automatically expire sales quotes past their "time to live"
  • ensure legal terms are correctly applied to sales quotes
  • give a library of text, videos, spreadsheets, images and PDF's to your sales people for them to drag and drop into sales quotes
  • build a library of sales quote templates to perfect your sales pitch in different verticals
  • stop messy sales quotes via administrator controlled style guide settings
  • record customer contact history for each sales quote
  • use workflow for manager approval before sales quotes are sent to a customer

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Software Features

Sales Quote Creation

  • Unlimited sales quote templates
  • Unlimited sales quotes
  • Easy to use sales quote editor built to be intuative for any user skill level
  • Content Libraries (text blocks, images, video, PDF files, spreadsheets) for on the fly drag and drop of content into sales quotes
  • Content locking - to prevent sales people changing sections in a sales quote, such as legal infiormation
  • Insert adhoc images and PDF files
  • PDF Document embedding option (make a PDF part of your document instead of click to open)
  • Insert spreadsheets
  • Drag & Drop interface
  • Send proposals directly by email, viewed as HTML and automatically converted to PDF format for printing and e-signing
  • Use predefined ([ClientFirstName], [clientCompanyName], [proposalExpireDate], etc.) or your own custom tokens
  • And last but not least, a truely easy-to-use application, not like other solutions that are clunky and difficult to set-up.

Workflow & Smart Alerts

  • Automatic notifications, push and email notifications when proposals are opened, read, bounced back, opened when expired
  • Manager approval workflow 
  • Automatic proposal expiration settings
  • Alerts when a customer opens an expired sales quote
  • Auto reminders - set up sending custom emails automatically to you or your clients for example 3 days after a proposal was sent or viewed (coming soon)
  • Easy for customers to approve quotes (including the option to e-sign documents)
  • Track Reason for Lost Sales - update status of proposal to lost and give a reason for later trend analysis

Intelligent Tools

  • Sales Analytics, easy to use charts showing performance of sales teams, e.g. number of proposals sent, proposals accepted, and analysis of lost opportunities.
  • Client side text labels can be translated to another language or just customised to your needs
  • GEO-Coded customer address - if you record a customer address on a proposal, this is automatically geocoded for analysis on google maps, giving you a geographical view of proposal sent over a period of time.
  • CSV proposal data export for easy import to other tools such as MS Excel
  • Mobile App for Sales consultants (with Live Chat option for customers to discuss real time while they read your proposal)


  • Integrations with 100's of CRMs and accounting packages
  • Integration to hundreds of other SaaS application such as SalesForce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and so many more

Sales Quote Tools

  • Pricing tables and product catalogues
  • Split your pricing tables into different groups (e.g. Implementation, SEO, Marketing etc.). If you use groups in your quotes you can also enable subtotals so that your clients can easily see the costs of each group.
  • Summarise line items to sub-headings and sub-total (hides the detail lines items from your customer)
  • Smart Discounts - You can use a relative (%) or absolute (amount of money) discount for the whole quote and/or set different discounts for each quote item.
  • Built-in customer address book, sync to other applications to get your customer data, saving time when creating proposals for existing customers.

Sales Teams

  • Multiple sales teams
  • Custom roles and granular permissions
  • Setup content libraries (text, images, video, pdf docs) specific for each sales team
  • Set-up your resellers as sales teams to give them the ultimate sales quote tool, setup content libraries. cover pages and product pricing specific to each reseller.


  • SSL Encryption of all documents transmitted over the Internet
  • Sales sales quotes and customer data is encrypted in your private cloud storage

Sales Quote Style Guide

  • Automated Table layout formatting to keep proposals looking good
  • Custom branding
  • Sales Quote cover page design tool
  • Predefine font settings for headings, body text and PDF header & footer content, to keep sales quote looking great

Sales Quote Templates

  • Unlimited sales quote templates
  • Sample sales quote template library to help get you started

Content Libraries

  • Build your own content libraries to provide the latest and most professional content for sales consultants to drag and drop into sales quotes
  • Product/Service Catalogue
  • Image Library
  • Video Library
  • Spreadsheet Library
  • PDF library
  • Text block library

Opt-in Extensions

  • Don't pay for features you will not use, simply opt-in to extra features you need:
  • e-signatures
  • sales quote approval workflow
  • online payments
  • contracts and plans (perfect for the telecommunications industry, and ISP's)
  • travel itineraries
  • live chat
  • and more...

CRM Features

  • record customer contact history against each sales quote
  • customer contact address book
  • quick and easy sales forecast tool for management reporting
  • track deals lost and reasons why
  • and more...

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Need More?
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